St. Lucia

St. Lucia 

The island is 238 sq. miles (616 sq. km), 27 miles long, 14 miles wide with a combination of high mountains, forests, low lands and beaches. A central mountain range runs the length of the island, with peaks ranging between 1000 and 3145 feet. Forests dominate the mountains, while jasmine, scarlet chenille and wild orchids provide splashes of color to the lush green slopes. The two towering volcanic cones on the southwest coast, Gros Piton (797m) and Petit Piton (750m) are one of the Caribbean's most famous landmarks. The volcanic origin of the island provides visitors with an opportunity to visit and take a dip in the reputedly therapeutic Sulphur springs.

lmost 80% of St. Lucians are Roman Catholic. Other denominations include Anglican, Methodist, Baptist, Seventh Day Adventists, Church of the Nazarene, Christian Science and the Salvation Army. The population includes Afro-Caribbean, South Asian, Euro-American, and mixed and the official language is English, but French Creole is widely spoken.

The typical mission trip is 8 days and 7 nights. Some of the activities your group could be involved in are: Construction, Painting, Clean Up, Vacation Bible Study, Street Evangelism, Musical Programs, Puppet Shows, Tract Distribution, Door to Door Visitation, Youth Camp, Deaf School Visit, Orphanage, and Church Ministry. You have the choice in how you are going to share the love of Jesus.




Our staff work hard to make the trips as affordable as possible. MISSIONS to us is all about souls not the money and that is why our prices are below those of any other mission agencies. Although our prices are generally the same for most countries in the Caribbean, exceptions are made for each country where the prices differ.

Price: St Lucia (Hotel) Stay $699.00

Price includes: lodging, meals, ground transportation. There may be additional cost for entry into the country and exit out of the country, please call CLM's office for more deatils.

The opportunity to minister in St Lucia is a life changing experience that you will never forget. We are currecntly accepting applications for 2016 trips. We will also work around any date for your team. You simply choose when you want to go and we will set the entire trip for you!