As a non-profit humanitarian organization, we strive to help children and families throughout the Caribbean overcome the burdens of poverty by becoming healthy, educated, self-sustaining and contributing members of the  society. We work diligently to improve the living conditions of children and families living in poverty through projects such as building homes, community projects, and income-generated programs. Our goal is to help families live healthier and happier lives.

In addition to this, we also provide safe, sturdy homes for impoverished families who suffer in substandard housing. Through our housing programs, we’ve built scores of new homes for victims of natural disasters, such as hurricanes as well as for people who simply could not afford a home.  Also, through our hosuing programs many homes have been repaired and upgraded with sturdier roofs and concrete floors.

My trips to Jamaica with CLM have helped me grow spiritually over the years and have definitely helped my church grow. We look forward to working with CLM in the future. It is the perfect mission trip for churches beginning in mission work, as well as, experienced churches on the mission field.
JoJo Carr 
Westernport, MD
Christ Memorial Baptist Church
High School: Calvary Christian Academy

Click on the links below to learn more about some of our projects
Youth Camp
Amazing Kids Club 
  Other Projects currently going on:
  Electrical Installation
  Plastering and Painting
  Doors and Windows
  Bunk Bed with Matresses for Orphanage
  3 handicap Ramps
  Chicken Coop




Many thanks to the team members from the following churches for coming to work on the CLM camp over the years.  Your sacrificial giving and hard work will impact countless people throughout the world. Eternity alone will reveal the extent of your impact...
Parkland Baptist Church - NM;
Hope Christian Church - MS;
God's Appalachian Partnership - KY;
University Carillon UMC - FL;
Calvary Baptist Church - FL;
East Hill Christian Academy - FL;
Nolensvile UMC - TN;
Faith Baptist Church - GA;
First Baptist Church - TX;
First  UMC - KS;
Tillman UMC - GA;
Son Servants  - TN;
The HOUSE (Presbyterian Campus Ministry) - TN;
Grace Church - TX;
Pilgrim United Church of Christ - MA; 
Bethel UMC - SC; 
Westminster Presbyterian Church - TN; 
Landmark Baptist Temple - OH; 
First Covenant Church -  NE;
Faith Tabernacle - MI;