The country has a population of 40,862,900 (as at 2010).
Nairobi, with  a population of 3,523,349.
It is made up of 108 ethno-linguistic groups with the largest being the Bantus. Others include the Nilotics, the Cushitics,  the Khoisans and the South Asians. It has a literacy level of 73.6% .
English and Swahili.
Predominantly agriculture, light industries and a major tourist industry.
Independent from Britain in 1963 and now a multiparty state, many of Kenya's political battles are over a promised but overdue new constitution, rampant corruption and improvement of education and the economy. A controversial election in 2007 was followed by two months of violence and ethnic conflict which only ended through the establishment of a coalition government; it will be a challenge for the two major political opponents to work well together.
1. Kenya's long-term stability cannot be taken for granted. Droughts in the north caused the deaths of 80% of the livestock.
2. Corruption : It is rampant and systemic.
3. Political Issues : This increasingly impact the churches.
4. Major sectors that need specialized ministry are:
a) Young people : Majority of Kenyans are children hence children and youth ministries are of utmost importance.
5. Islam is an increasing challenge.
6. The Less-evangelized People are: 
a) The largely pastoral or animistic people of the north and west.
b) The Muslim Oromo-related people of the northeast.
c) The Khoisans (bushmen-related) people.
d) The Mijikenda people of the coastal hills.
e) The coastal Swahili and Arab populations. 
f) The Somalis in the northeast and in the cities.
g) The Asian community.
7. Bibles and Bible translation : Most languages only have scripture portions, 16 individual languages have the whole Bible.
Medical teams
construction team
orphanages and vbs
Mission Pictures

Electrical Voltage for Kenya is 240, so you will need to bring a converter for your electronic devices.

Visa Requirement:

Individuals are responsible for their visas. You can contact your travel agent for visa and flight information.

The cost of the trip is $850 for 7 days and this includes: lodging, meals (breakfast and dinner only), ground transportation.