Guyana is a beautiful country on the north coast of South America. Unknown to many tourists and hidden from commercialism, this island provides beautiful views and serene nature. The country speaks English as well as Creole, so there will be no language barrier on your beautiful journey through this country.

The typical mission trip is 8 days and 7 nights. Some of the activities your group could be involved in are: Construction, Painting, Clean Up, Vacation Bible Study, Street Evangelism, Musical Programs, Puppet Shows, Tract Distribution, Door to Door Visitation, Youth Camp, Deaf School Visit, Orphanage, and Church Ministry. You have the choice in how you are going to share the love of Jesus.


Our staff work hard to make the trips as affordable as possible. MISSIONS to us are about souls not the money and that is why our prices are below those of any other mission agencies. Although our prices are generally the same for most of the Caribbean, exceptions are made for each country where prices differs.

Price: Guyana (Hotel) Stay $699.00

 Price includes: lodging, meals, ground transportation. (There may be additional cost for entry into the country and exit out of the country, call CLM’s office for more detail)

All ministry opportunity are 100% customizable based on your group makeup and requested activities. We will provide the best match for your group and cater to their needs on location. Areas of ministries include Orphanages, Churches, Medical Missions in poverty stricken communities. 

For more information please contact CLM at 877-929-5818 or at