Come visit the closest Communist country in the vicinity of the USA.  You'll have a chance to experience first hand the wonderful latino culture of Cuba.  Step back in time to the 1950 era, and see a nation long considered our enemy... only to discover warm, kind, and friendly people.   

You will find an intriguing mix of religions (Catholic, and even idol worshipping) under the curtain of the atheistic ideology.  Meet the people, visit the local evangelical churches, brush up on your spanish, and overall have a good time while showing the love of God to a whole country living in hopelessness.

If you are ready to take your faith to the next level, this is the trip for you.  Come and share the love of Christ with the people of Cuba.

The typical mission trip is 8 days and 7 nights. Some of the activities your group could be involved in are: Construction, Painting, Clean Up, Vacation Bible Study, Street Evangelism, Musical Programs, Puppet Shows, Tract Distribution, Door to Door Visitation, Youth Camp, Deaf School Visit, Orphanage, and Church Ministry. You have the choice in how you are going to share the love of Jesus.

Testimonies and pictures of past team in Cuba

At the end of the trip, Pastor Jorge pulled me aside and explained how much our team meant to him and his church. He explained that he had been praying for revival in his church for quite a while. He said it was because of God's goodness and our team's joy that revival DID happen. The church was completely different by the end of the week. We were so blessed to be used by God and be a part of His revival in Cotorro. 

The picture below is of a little boy from the orphanage and one of my team members. The little boy asked Connor, the team member, for his bracelet and Connor did not want to give it to him because it was his favorite one and it had a message about God. Connor then asked the little boy if he knew about God and the little boy asked "who is God". Connor and a couple of other boys were able to tell the boy about God and he accepted Jesus into his heart






Our staff work hard to make the trip as affordable as possible. MISSIONS to us is all about souls not about the money and that is why our prices are below those of any other mission agencies. Although our prices are generally the same for most of the countries in the Caribbean, exceptions are made for each country where the price differs.

Price: Cuba (Hotel) Stay from $799.00 (Payment through Paypal is not applicable, you can only pay through check)

Price includes: lodging, meals, gound trasportation. (There may be additional cost for entry into the country and exit out of the country, please call CLM's office for more details). This trip will take special preparations.
Call our office at 678-574-3818