Belize is a unique country that incorporates the Caribbean Sea, the longest Barrier Reef in the Western hemisphere, the Mayan ruins, the Rain Forrest with its natural wonders and exotic wild life, and much, much more...

Another unique feature of Belize is the population mix.  With a population of only about a quarter of a million people, there are six major distinct groups: Carib Indian-African Garifunas, African-European Creoles, Spanish-Indian Mestizos, Mayans, Europeans, Orientals, North Americans, Mennonite, and East Indian immigrants.

The official language is English, but you will also hear dialects of the Spanish, Creole, Garifuna and Mayan tongues.

Belize is strategically located in Central America, and serves as a spring board to endless mission trips possibilities.  Mission trips also, can be arranged from Belize to Guatemala and Mexico. 

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Team Leader goes free! (For every 20 members you bring, the leader gets free lodging and meals. For all countries except Jamaica).

One free airfare and 2 free lodgings for the team leaders of groups of 40 or more members. (For all countries except Jamaica). 





There are so many needs, and so few missions organizations operating in the country that the possibilities are endless. You can choose any area of ministry or missions as you know it and there are most likely a number of places in need for it. 

The basic needs of the general population seem amplified by the wide spread poverty, the lack of industrial development, the rough living conditions, and the isolation of most villages throughout the country.  Yet, the people are so friendly, and the atmosphere is always open for missions. 

Staff:: Our staff work hard to make the trips as affordable as possible. MISSIONS to us is all about souls not about money and that is why our prices are below those of other mission agencies. Although, our prices are generaly the same for most of the countries in the Caribbean, exceptions are made for each country where the price differs. 

Rural $599 
Urban (Hotel) Stay $699.00

Price includes: lodging, meals (lunch and dinner at the work site), airport and ground transportation. There may be additional cost for entry into the country and exit out of the country, please call CLM's office for details.

All ministry opportunity are 100% customizable based on your group makeup and requested activities. We will provide the best match for your group and their needs on location. Areas of ministries include Orphanages, Churches, Medical Missions in poverty stricken communities.

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